Quantitative Politics at the University of Maryland Edit

The wiki is being initially organized by the University of Maryland’s Department of Government and Politics, but is open to any one interested in the topic. This page hosts some information specific to the University of Maryland, that probably will not be of interest to other people.

Spring Semester Workshops Edit

April 11 Selection Bias: Professor Paul Huth will lead the discussion.

April 18 Utility Theory: Professors Joe Oppenheimer and Piotr Swistak will the lead the discussion.

Stay tuned for additional workshops.

Additional Plans

At the first GVPT quantitative politics meeting, we discussed holding a set of workshops on particular substantive topics of interest during the Spring Semester.

Here is the list of Ideas. Please put your name down if you are interested in participating. If you are willing to take the lead to organize a workshop, please put a star (*) next to your name. If no one takes the lead, it won’t happen -- end of story. If someone else has already offered to lead, great, you can too. Star your name as well, and contact the existing person to make your plans!

  1. time-series
    • Participants:
    • Potential Speakers:
  2. intro to logic
    • Participants:
    • Speakers:
      • Joe Oppenheimer (suggested, not confirmed)
      • Piotr Swistak (suggested, not confirmed)
  3. agent-based modeling
    • Participants: Steve Wendel (*)
    • Speakers:
      • Catherine Dibble
      • Tim Gulden (suggested, not confirmed)
  4. spatial/GIS analysis
    • Participants:
    • Potential Speakers:
  5. The R computing language.
    • Participants:
    • Potential Speakers:

Classes Edit

  • Economics Department
  • Statistics Department