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Quantitative Politics

This is a wiki about quantitative and formal methods in politics science. It is intended to host discussion and information about the application of quantitative and formal techniques such as statistical analysis, game theory, and simulation modeling to political science research. Like any wiki, your are encouraged to edit these pages, add content, and post questions for other people interested in the topic. Just go to a page you are interested in, and click "edit" (on the top of the menu bar).

For wikia on many other political issues (i.e., beyond political science), see Wikia:politics

Where to start

Initial Pages (Please add more -- see the Community Portal)

This Wikia is currently organized into Resources that would be useful for any work on quantitative political science issues, and focused discussion and information on specific issues that are of interest to members of this group. If you have a topic you find exciting and want to gather other people's expertise, or are working on a project and are gathering background resources for a paper etc., please add a page on that topic and develop it as you see fit. As you come across resources that would be of value to anyone involved in quantitative political science (i.e., beyond the particular topics you are working on) please add them to one of the general resources pages.

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  • We also have a section of this Wiki devoted to organizing workshops and meetings at the University of Maryland. See UMd

Keywords: political science; quantitative political science; quantitative politics; statistical analysis; game theory; formal modelling; axiomatic theory; simulation; agent-based simulation of political science

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